Who’s eating my cheese?


A mouse!

Just a very simple bento today with some sandwiches (cheese, avocado and mustard) but to “cute” it up a bit, I used a heart cutter for the sandwiches and added a mouse πŸ™‚

The mouse is made from a hard boiled egg with carrot ears & nose and nori eyes. The whiskers are made of very thin noodles. There were some more carrots and cucumber on the side but not in the photo.

I have to confess that I still haven’t regained my inspiration after the long December break, currently I am struggling to come up with lunches, let alone creative ones! I was actually away last week – not sure whether you noticed…as I did schedule two posts – and somehow it seems to take me a very long time to get back into a normal rhythm. I have also been eating lots of soups and Jacket potatoes, all very nice – especially with this weather – but not very photogenic!!

Anyway, please bear with me (bear/bare?) and I hope to post some more (pretty) lunches. And meanwhile, if you are looking for inspiration…you can find lots of info/tips& tricks on my new page on how to pack lunches πŸ™‚



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