First Dosirak of 2015!



A happy 2015 to everyone!

My first packed lunch for this year. Not a very exciting one, but to be honest, I am really struggling to get out of bed in the morning….It’s dark, cold and after 2 lazy weeks with lots of sleep-ins, I keep hitting the snooze button on my alarm….

So, instead of my usual 20-30 minutes in the morning, I only had 15 today and just quickly grabbed some food from the fridge. But I did make some Sukju namul (bean sprout salad side dish) yesterday, and bought some sweet &sour shrimp, so luckily it was very easy to pack a tasty dosirak.

I also mixed in some chopped spring onion with my rice, and added broccoli, green beans, edamame and carrot flowers. All in all a quick and healthy lunch to start the year!


16 thoughts on “First Dosirak of 2015!

  1. belated happy 2015 to you too. i like these bento boxes. they have a much tighter lock on the lids. kinda like the korean containers brand Lock & Lock.

      • we have several Lock & Lock stores here. all located inside different malls. it’s a very popular product. so much better to go into a shop to browse through and check out the new arrivals as well.

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