A Hap-pea Christmas Tree Bento

Happea Christmas TreeIt’s a Hap-pea tree as it’s made from peas….I know, a bit silly, but I do think that the colour of peas are very nice in a Bento. It’s also Happy Hap-pea tree as it has lots of presents ๐Ÿ™‚

The tree was made by using a Christmas Tree cookie cutter, I put that in the bento box and layered the rice around it for the top part. I then filled the cookie cutter with the peas and decorated the tree with danmuji stars, white crab-stick balls, and red crab-stick socks. The rest of the bento was filled up with “gifts” made from cucumber, salmon, tuna and egg sheet, with crab-stick ribbons. I also added some more decoration on top of the rice.

It’s important to pack this Bento quite tight, so that when I lifted the cookie cutter, the peas stayed in place/shape. Simple but effective!



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