Winter Wonderland

Winter wonderland

Have you ever seen orange Christmas trees? Well, that’s why it’s called a Winter Wonderland….anything is possible in Wonderland…

I am actually trying to use up some food from the fridge/freezer, so not many new ingredients in this bento, but I tried to use everything as creative as possible within the Winter Wonderland theme.

So, there are fried tofu mountains, with cucumber Christmas trees growing on them and even a snowman. There are more (egg) snowman in the front, I wanted to add a few more details to the snowman, but they are too tiny and I was too impatient to cut tiny details.. Instead I have just been using lots of Christmas theme mini cutters to make (egg sheet) stars, egg snowman, carrot bells and carrot/cucumber Christmas trees.

I have also added 3 quail egg santas and finally some eggsheet rolls, broccoli and cherry tomatoes to finish.


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