Snowman Bento


Another Winter theme bento, using my new bentobox!

This snowman was made with 2 onigiri, filled with salmon. The scarf is made with crabstick and the (face) details are nori, carrot and buttons cut out of green bean. The hat is some nori wrapped around a piece of cucumber.

I also added a small quail Santa, very easy, just a hard boiled quail egg, a cherry tomato and some crabsheet/egg, black sesame seeds for the eyes and the mouth is from nori. As sides there is some broccoli and korean omelet hidden under some carrot and cucumber decoration. Tucked into the box are also some spinach leaves and carrot rounds.

Easy and fun to make. About 15 minutes for creating the snowman and another 10 for adding all the details. Now just waiting for some real snow!


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