Bento Boxes overview


This will be the last in my series of Bento Boxes overview (previous posts can be read here, herehere and here…..(or just select category Bento box review).

I will just quickly review each box shown here and link back to a few lunches I made in them 🙂 (once again, clicking on the photo should link to the relevant blog post)

TumTum box (from TumTum):  a very sturdy box, BPA free, dishwasher safe etc. I think this is an ideal box for children, because of it’s colours and design, flexibility to be used for different kinds of food and it’s sturdiness.

I used it to make the Hungry Caterpillar bento:

hungry caterpillar

I also made this lunch in it:

TumTum bento


Shikiri Bento (from Bento & Co): Very practical box. Dishwasher proof. Comes with chop sticks in the lid and has 2 removable compartments plus a divider. I love this box because it’s so flexible, sometimes I use it with the compartments, or sometimes with just one. It is also quite a large box.

easter dosirak or bento with eggs


BlumBlum pot: a bit of an unusual shape, it’s  more suitable for soup lunches, or you could use it for yoghurt and fruit. The pots are micro and dishwasher safe, come with a spork (spoon/fork) and carrier strap, and fit into each other. I used this for bringing an Ochazuke lunch to work

ochazuke bento

Russian Doll Bento (Japan centre): this Matryoshka doll bento box is so cute! It came with inner lids, a cool pack and matching chop sticks. It’s partly microwave safe and it’s dishwasher safe. The only downside is, that it is quite small…

Russian inspired bento box girl gathering quail eggs

Nagabako (Bento & Co): again a very practical box. I love that it came with chop sticks and a chopstick rest (in the lid). It also has a bento band, and can be used as an one-tier or two-tier box. Partly microwave/dishwasher safe

bento or dosirak with meatballs

prawn patty bento dumpling filling


And lastly, another flower lid bento box. I forgot the name of this one but bought it at Bento & Co.

It’s a small one tier box with an inner lid, and I used it to make one of my favourite bento: Little girl Bento:

bento of a little girl and an boy out of egg

I also made a ‘deconstructed gimbap” in it

lazy gimbap deconstructed kimbap


Pfff, well, I hope you liked seeing some of my previous made lunches. More information on where to buy Bento boxes can be found on my page here, and do let me know if you have any questions 🙂



12 thoughts on “Bento Boxes overview

  1. i like nagabako. only ’cause it comes with a set of chopsticks and that the box looks wooden. i love all things wood 🙂

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