Update on Akitakomachi rice

I accidentally published this post yesterday, but had not finished writing it! I quickly changed the status back to draft… but not sure if it was seen or not.. Anyway…here it is again…but now fully written…(email subscribers will receive this for the second time…apologies…)

Can you remember that I wrote a post some time ago about trying out different rice varieties/brands? It was titled “Are you a rice snob?” and got quite a few reactions about favourite brands of rice and ways of cooking.


Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I have been eating lots of the other types of rice, but mostly packed into a bento ie not the best way to properly try out the rice. So I decided to cook some rice for the sole purpose of tasting it and seeing if we would prefer it over our usual rice.

The bowl above shows Akitakomachi. Hilary from Japan CANada Mixย wrote a very interesting comment about this rice:

First, there was a famous woman in the Heian period who was apparently the most beautiful woman of all and her name was Ono no Komachi so komachi came to refer to beauty in women. When I (ie Hilary) lived in Akita, I was told that women from that prefecture were unusually beautiful. We ate the Akitakomachi brand of rice in Japan and from what I remember, it had a picture of what was supposed to be a beautiful woman on the bag.

My bag didn’t come with a beautiful woman on it, but maybe eating this rice might turn me into one ๐Ÿ™‚

Akitakomachi is supposed to be very similar to Koshihikari (our usual rice), except less sticky. I am not quite sure about that. ย I felt it was as sticky as Koshihikari but when I asked my OH about it, he said it was a “smoother” stickiness…. whatever that may mean. He tried to describe it to me, comparing it with glue, lumpy glue and smooth glue, and apparently this rice was smoother glue/rice… Hmm…does that make sense?

As said, I didn’t really notice the “smoother” stickiness. Forming Onigiri or other shapes, it was as easy to use as Koshihikari and also just eating it, it stuck nicely in lumps to your chopsticks.

However, I did feel there was a big difference in taste. Koshihikari has a very fragrant, nutty almost sweet taste and I felt that this was completely missing with the Akitakomachi. It was still a very nice rice, don’t get me wrong, but it didn’t have the amazing sense of flavour that Koshihikari seems to bring.

Summary: perfectly good rice: ie suitable for sushi, making onigiri, to serve with your Japanese/Korean food etc but for me not tasteful enough to switch to.


10 thoughts on “Update on Akitakomachi rice

  1. Ha ha ha! I’m still laughing about the glue comparison. ๐Ÿ˜€ I can’t wait to tell hubby. Thanks so much for the link and now that I’ve been quoted, I hope I didn’t make it all up. ;D I wonder if the rice was old? I got some great rice tips from my friend, Rei who talked about cooking differences with old and new crop. I couldn’t taste much difference in rice until after tasting new crop rice from my inlaws’. It was sweet! Oh, and if you really want a nutty flavour, have you thought about using brown rice? (Bwahahahaha!)

    • It’s quite funny how much difference there is in rice taste, initially I didn’t really taste is myself, especially within the same type of rice, but now I have tried out a few different varieties, the difference are actually quite clear.

      bah brown rice…lol

      • Yes! I agree, especially if you try them side by side. I think it would be really fun to do a blind taste test of rice. I mean, me tasting, not setting it up. Ha ha! If you ever get to Tokyo (have you been? I can’t remember), you must go to the rice museum near Yurakucho Station. Hmmm… maybe I should check and see if it’s still there first…

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