Autumn Tree Bento & nori cutting tutorial

Falling leaves tree bento

Before Autumn is over I wanted to include an Autumn themed Bento and I thought it was also a good opportunity to include another tutorial, this time about nori cutting!

Theย above bento is made with a tree silhouet – cut out of nori, some tofu and cherry tomatoes and lots of different coloured leaves. The leaves were cut out of apple, pear, spinach, carrot and tofu with tiny leaf cutters. I know that these are different shapes leaves and only 1 tree…but you have to imagine that the wind is blowing all the leaves around from other trees nearby ๐Ÿ˜‰

If you can remember, I used this same technique for creating my Wimbledon and Tour de France Bento, but I did not include any photo’s of the actual nori cutting.

So,ย how to cut nori? What you will need are:

  • a sheet of nori
  • the image you want to cut out, printed out : I look up clip art images and choose one that has simple, clean lines
  • a cutting sheet
  • some paper clamps
  • a very sharp knife: I use an X-acto knife
  • tweezer

On to the cutting:

  • first arrange the nori sheet between your printed out image and the cutting board
  • use the paper clamps to clamp it all together
  • carefully cut out the along the lines of the image with your knife: make sure you press down on the paper whilst cutting so that it won’t move
  • once you’re finished, first remove the paper cut out. This is usually an indication on how well the nori cut out will be, if you notice that the paper cut out is difficult to remove, than you will probably need to re-cut some bits.
  • Finally lift the nori cut-out using your tweezers.

Don’t worry if part of the nori tears or breaks, it doesn’t really matter. I had two branches that broke, but when you arrange your cut out onto the rice, you can easily arrange it so it looks all nicely together ๐Ÿ™‚

One last tip though: wait until your rice has cooled down a bit. As you can see, I was a bit impatient and the heat of the rice made my nori curl up too much….

See the photo’s below for the various stages, I have also included my two previousย Bento with nori cut outs.




42 thoughts on “Autumn Tree Bento & nori cutting tutorial

  1. Gorgeous, DB! I’ve missed reading your rice words so I’m happy to be catching up. You’re a bento star! By the way, I’ve been meaning to ask you for *months*… do you mind if I add a link to your blog under my Friends of… section?

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