Chicken Ochazuke?

Chicken rice ochazuke

I am not sure if this still counts as Ochazuke, or whether I should call it Chicken rice soup!

Previously I have been making Ochazuke with (salted) salmon, rice and just a few vegetables. This time I had some left over roast chicken from dinner and was thinking how best to turn that into a lunch. Because of the weather, I’m craving more and more hot lunches (like my unhealthy, but delicious seafood ramen). I actually also went out a few times to buy myself a Jacket potato (! I know, not a packed lunch…but so nice, I especially like a JP with cheese, butter and bacon..).

But to go back to my left over chicken…I decided to turn it into a chicken Ochazuke / chicken rice soup. In my big lunch bowl, I layered a small portion of rice. On top of this I added chicken pieces and lots of vegetables. For flavouring I sprinkled some gochugaru (red pepper) over the chicken and some dried wakame. I also added a little container with some soy sauce and a small piece of chicken stock cube. Plus of course a rice cracker and some extra seaweed for crumbling over the dish.

By the time I was ready to eat my lunch, the stock cube had partly dissolved in the soy sauce. I only used a little bit of this mixture, because I wanted to flavour the dish with green tea (hence the Ochazuke name). I heated up the rice/chicken/veg mixture for a few minutes in the microwave (note to self…dried wakame gets drier when in micro..) and poured some green tea over it before adding a little bit of the soysauce/chicken stock mixture.

Sorry, forgot to take a photo of the result, but it was very nice 😛


3 thoughts on “Chicken Ochazuke?

  1. As I was reading, I made a mental note to ask how the wakame turned out! One suggestion would be to reconstitute it when you pack it in the morning. I thought about putting it in the soy sauce but I’m not sure that would do the trick. What do you think?

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