Panda and Hedgehog Bento

Panda and Hedgehog bento

During the recent London Korean Film Festival,  I went to a mini K-pop concert by Superjunior subgroup Donghae & Eunhyuk. I’m normally more into Kdrama/cinema than K-pop but it was a great experience.  Fellow Kdrama/Kpop/Kcinema Lover Jeni from K-Cinema: Thoughts, Feelings etc.. has actually written a post about the mini concert which you can read here.

Anyway, my friend who took me to this K-pop concert recommended a K-drama, called Panda & Hedgehog featuring Donghae and that, plus the promise that food was involved of course made me start watching it!

The food is actually cake, lots of it!  Every episode I’m drooling over the cakes and macaroons that pass by and some of them look so cute (think panda decorated macaroons….)

It’s a very light, and  “sweet” romantic comedy, a love triangle (what’s new 🙂 ) and rivalry between Ms Panda, a cake shop owner, her patissier nicknamed Hedgehog and the president of a competing bakery. (The nicknames are metaphors for the personalities).

I am currently halfway and although it’s obviously full of the obvious K-drama predictable story lines, it’s a nice and easy to watch and as said, lots of cake 😛

So, my Bento this time is inspired by Panda & Hedgehog. I was really struggling to create a hedgehog and admittedly this one isn’t very spiky but I have a suspicion that will actually work out well with the drama connection as I think that the Hedgehog character will turn out not to be very spiky at all. >*<. (The photo doesn’t show it clearly, but the hedgehog is made with a tofu bag, and I cut little spikes in it with scissors).

The bento was completed with some vegetable and quail egg flowers. See below for a quick tutorial on how I made the egg flowers

    • Boil quail eggs until hard
    • Peel whilst still warm
    • Use a flower cutter that is about the same diameter as a quail egg
    • Carefully push the boiled egg into the flower cutter
    • Cool down





24 thoughts on “Panda and Hedgehog Bento

  1. Absolutely adorable!!! Looks yummy, too! ^^ I’m glad you are enjoying the drama so far. If you’re halfway through, it only gets better from there! Which reminds me, I really need to post my review soon! ^^

    P.S. Thanks for the shout-out! ❤

    • Thanks! I actually just finished the drama…watched a few back to back episodes last couple of nights. It was quite enjoyable, if very “light” and a bit childish. Maybe it’s me, but a lot of characters in K – drama seem quite immature to me. Looking forward to see your review.

  2. That is beautiful! Hopefully one day I can make proper bentos. So far, they’ve been a fail. Need more practice. haha

  3. Awwww! So cute. And moving on to K-Pop, one of my young students a couple of years back was, um, obsessed with Superjunior. I had no clue who they were but being a conscientious teacher, I dutifully searched them out when we were in Japan in 2012. I even listened to a good chunk of their latest album because, of course, it was plastered everywhere at HMV. 😀

    • Yes, there were lots of young Superjunior fans…I felt suddenly quite old….But still, it was fun.
      They always show/have Kpop in the Korean supermarket, so I sometimes catch some of that, but have to confess that all the different groups look very familiar to me (as do the songs..)

      • Well, I think that’s a pretty accurate observation about music sounding similar. I haven’t latched onto the AKB48 (or the Korean sister group – can’t remember the #) mania (or any other J-Pop for that matter) but some of their tunes are catchy. There was a super popular group when I was living in Japan and it was impossible *not* to get hooked, even a little, and then have to sing their top songs at karaoke. 😀

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