Onigiri nori wrappers

When I am lazy and just want to make a quick and easy Onigiri for my lunch or snack, but not a complete bento….

I use Onigiri nori wrappers!



You might have seen these Onigiri individually wrapped at sushi shops, but you can easily make these yourself. You can buy the sheets at most Asian supermarkets, it’s a pack with 10 individually sheets of nori, packed in plastic. There are instructions on the back, small stickers to close the plastic wrap and they usually (but not always) come with an Onigiri shaper.

The great thing is that you end up with individually wrapped Onigiri, which are very easy to transport. Because the nori  is separated from the rice by the plastic wrap, the nori stays nice and crisp until you’re ready to eat it. (Just pull down the middle strip and pull the 2 sides away).

The other day I made some Onigiri for myself and filled these with spicy salmon (tinned salmon mixed with wasabi), and I remembered to take step by step pictures to show you:

8 thoughts on “Onigiri nori wrappers

  1. This post brings back a lot of memories! When I lived in Japan, onigiri from the combini across the street was practically a staple in my diet, but I had no idea that these nori wraps and packages were available! Much fun.

  2. What?! I had no idea you could buy these sheets in stores! Several times I’ve rejected the idea of making onigiri for lunch because the nori would get soggy by lunch time. I have to look for these!

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