Seafood Ramen


I confess….Instant ramen…..

Yes, of course I know that these are very unhealthy, because of the high content of sodium, calories, fat and possible other nasties…but they are also very convenient, cheap and sometimes just what I need πŸ™‚

To give my instant ramen a healthier disguise, I’ve combined them here with extra seafood and vegetables. I actually packed the seafood and vegetables as a bento. The seafood and various vegetables (spring onion, broccoli, boksoi) is in the bottom part of the container. The top part holds some more spring onion and cress to add after “cooking the ramen”. There is also (as if it’s not salty enough) some soy sauce.

I kept this bento in the fridge because it contained seafood. When I was ready for my lunch, I added the ramen and the 2 packets of flavouring to the bowl, poured on some boiling water and put that in the microwave for 3 more minutes. I then added the cress and spring onion before giving everything a good stir.



15 thoughts on “Seafood Ramen

  1. What a resourceful lunch! I sometimes make “fancy” instant ramen for my stepdad, using the noodles but tossing the seasoning and adding in my own ingredients. And don’t worry about the “nasties,” we all need comfort food sometimes!

  2. I have a weakness for instant ramen. My husband doesn’t really eat it so I make it if he isn’t around or keep packs at work for cheap meals. Usually a fried egg and some book choy are my additions. Seafood is very fancy!

  3. I liked your phrasing here: “To give my instant ramen a healthier disguise.” Made me smile. What is the little container that looks like a strawberry in the middle of your bento box?

  4. That looks very yummy!!!

    I recently went to a “real” ramen place, and I admit that I will never be able to comfortably eat instant ramen again, but yours still looks very good!!!
    I love your blog!

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