More bento boxes review



Yes, there are more!

Following in my series of Bento box reviews (previous posts can be read here, herehere and here….. see some more of my bento boxes, which I will discuss in this post a little bit more in detail…

I don’t really have a name for this type of boxes, although they all have a lid that is similar to the Lock & Lock range and similar qualities (practical, dishwasher proof, leak tight etc).

Some of these boxes were bought in the supermarket or general department store, I don’t know all the brands, aside from two of them.

The squarish box in the back is the Salad container from Sistema. Sistema has a range of lunch type containers, salad containers, sandwich boxes, soup bowls etc. All of them are very well made, and have either compartments, or containers or clip and close type lids, but unfortunately not all of them are leak proof and/or microwave safe. This differs from container so bear this in mind if you would buy one (they can be found in most supermarkets).

The pink box with the insert and cutlery is from Paperchase, a stationary shop which can be found in most UK High Streets, and which has a range of lunch related items. I like this box a lot, it’s cute and practical, but just a little bit small, so sometimes I pack some extra snacks with it.

Again, see the photo’s below for some examples when these boxes have been used for lunch. If you click on the photo, it should lead to the relevant blogpost:


lady bird bento made from tomato and nori with a nori egg dice

chicken and egg bento

In case you’re interested…, you can see my whole (current) Bento box collection here, and I still have a few more boxes to show in another post…

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