Kazari Maki Sushi Flower Bento, the Art of Sushi Roll

Flower Marki Kazari sushiFirst again, welcome to new readers! Thanks for finding my blog and I hope you will enjoy reading about my lunches. To “celebrate”, I made some Sushi flowers 🙂

I have been a long admirer of bloggers like Little Miss Bento (who is an official Kazarimaki sushi instructor) and Bento Days who have been making amazing Kazarimaki sushi for their bento (see examples here and here).

Kazarimaki is the Art of Sushi Rolls and I made my first attempt today! I decided on making a flower roll, and found this blog post which has a good tutorial, but made a few small changes. For the center of the flower, I used some cooked carrot, and I omitted all the green additions and the little fish eggs.

See below how I created this Kazari Maki Sushi Flower Bento:

  • First I cooked some rice and mixed it with sushi vinegar. I made the pink rice by adding some food colouring to the sushi vinegar.
  • Then I shaped 6 small pink sushi rolls.
  • I should have divided the mixture up first in equal portions, I had to sort of judge the quantity a bit to make sure they were all even.
  • When rolling the small pink rolls, I used a larger nori sheet, but cut off the bit that was superfluous, it’s easier to roll this way than using a short sheet….
  • After the 6 petals were ready, I put the cut off nori strips on a sushi mat (but in the other direction).
  • Whilst holding the sushi mat with one hand in a rounded shape, I carefully added the pink petal rolls, and added the cooked carrot stick in the middle.
  • I then “bound” it together using the nori strips to form a “sushi flower”
  • Finally I spread the white rice on a new, large nori sheet, placing the “sushi flower” on it, and rolling it up carefully (no photo’s of this process…I needed both my hands)
  • The end result was a BIG FAT sushi roll.
  • Finally: cutting the roll!!! (scary…)

  • Result! Definitely a flower 🙂   (sorry for the un-sharp photo)

Cutting the flower.jpg


The Kazari Maki Sushi Flower was packed into a Bento with veggies on the side, a piece of salmon and some nori omelet pieces. I also added gari, wasabi and soysauce.

Flower Marki Kazari sushi

I loved making this Kazari Maki Sushi, but there are a few things that I can improve next time 🙂

  • The whole roll isn’t tight enough, I think that the pink petal rolls are okayish, but it should have been bound together a bit tighter.
  • Also, when rolling the big roll, unfortunately, the rice is not completely evenly around the flower, and again, this could be a bit tighter.
  • Lastly, it’s a BIG FAT roll! But I guess that’s unavoidable with this kind of design.

32 thoughts on “Kazari Maki Sushi Flower Bento, the Art of Sushi Roll

  1. Your sushi is beautiful. this is the clearest explanation I have found of how to create these beauties. I love fresh sushi. Hopefully in the new year this will be the new skill I learn. Thank you for your blog.

  2. Super cute!!! I am going to try to make these, as I think they make such a beautiful presentation for your guest. I can imagine how special they would feel seeing these pretty little flowers. So adorable. Thanks for the post and your detailed instructions!

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