Now on Bloglovin! :-)

(test….My blog should now also be linked to bloglovin….)


10 thoughts on “Now on Bloglovin! :-)

    • I am not very familiar with Bloglovin (yet), but understood that it is easier to follow other bloggers in one feed, especially if bloggers are using different blogsites (WordPress, blogger) etc.

      Sometimes my WP reader doesn’t pick up all the (non WP) blogs that I subscribe to, so I will use Bloglovin to connect with those.

      Plus of course, other (non WP) bloggers can find my blog easier this way:-)

    • I will continue using WP, but this is now automatically linked to Bloglovin
      It’s mainly easier to find other bloggers, who aren’t on WP, (and vice versa) on Bloglovin. At least that’s how I understand it, but finding my way around.

  1. I clicked on bloglovin through my stats and tried to claim it but it wouldn’t let me 😦 Let me know if it’s worth it or not. πŸ™‚

    • I didn’t find it very straightforward to link to Bloglovin.
      Will have to see if it’s worth it or not, but I do think it’s nice that I now can ‘like’ non WordPress blogs.

    • When I tried to connect my blog to bloglovin it asked me to insert their HTML code into a new post and publish it. I haven’t done it yet though I still have to see if I’ll use it.

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