The lock & lock sets bento box review


Following in my series of Bento box reviews (previous posts can be read here, here and here ….. see above my collection of Lock & Lock Bento boxes.

Lock & Lock is a Korean brand and although they aren’t very cute,  I just love their Bento sets because of their practicality!

They are all: microwave proof; dishwasher proof; leak/air tight and can also be used to freeze food. I often precook rice and freeze portions of it in the smallest containers, ready to be defrosted in the morning 🙂

All sets come with a bento bag with a cute Konglish slogan to Enjoy your well-being life! (see also here), and either with chopsticks or cutlery. I buy mine via Amazon (haven’t seen them elsewhere) and depending on the size/style they will costs around £15-£25. There are different versions, but most will come with 2 or 3 containers, often one of them will have some sub-compartments.

I use these Lock & Lock bento sets very often, but the lunches I tend to pack in them can be a bit boring, ie just rice, protein and veggies. So I haven’t shown these very often on my blog, however, below are some examples where I DID use them (and the square boxes do give some scope for creativity 🙂

(if you click on the photo, this should lead to the relevant post for more info)

bento with cats made of onigiri

Basic dosirak bento

Bear bento with egg sheet and bibimbap minced beef


tea egg bento

In case you’re interested…, you can see my whole (current) Bento box collection here, and I will still have a few more boxes to discuss in more detail in future posts….

5 thoughts on “The lock & lock sets bento box review

  1. I’ve not seen this collection of Lock-n-locks before. This is helpful. I have three lock-n-locks that I love for bento. One of them is a lunch-bot stainless box with a see-through lid. The company tells me that they did not mean for it to be a bento box, oh-well. My other two are classic lock-n-lock that do everything you say they do. Only one came with a bag… which I use for something else (a girl can only have just so much pink in her life)

    • I think as long as they work for you as a bento box, it doesn’t matter what the company says! Some of my Lock & Lock are part of an “Bento Set” but others are just sold as food storage containers. I just think they are very practical 🙂

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