Boy & Girl and egg sheet decoration

Boy and Girl

Following the carrot flower tutorial in my previous post, this is the bento where I used them!

I also wanted to give some more tips on how I made this bento, and how I used egg sheets for the hair details. Below are some photo’s of the stages whilst packing (apologies for the shadows, it’s difficult to make good photo’s at the moment because I don’t have enough natural light in the kitchen plus I am using my phone).

The egg sheet details have been cut out using food cutters (once again, you can buy these at the bento shops mentioned on the page where to buy Bento products). I’m always trying to think “out of the box”, Β for example using the tip of the butterfly cutter to cut out little hair details, or the small cloud cutter to add detail. Food cutters can be used to create a variation of shapes by combining different cutters, or by using just a part of the cutter. I also used a straw to cut out the little red “cheeks”.

You can attach the egg sheets to the onigiri with some uncooked very thin noodle or spaghetti (see photo with the red egg sheet / hair decoration). The moisture in the rice will “cook” the noodle/spaghetti so it’s edible by the time you eat it. The other face details were made using nori (and nori punchers).

As with the carrot flower tutorial, I will include a link back to this post once I have created a newΒ page about Dosirak/Bento packing and decorating tips….

See the photo’s below for more details (I added a short caption as explanation, this should be visible when you “hoover” above the photo) .


26 thoughts on “Boy & Girl and egg sheet decoration

    • Had a look at your post, dinner looked yummie! I often feel that adding some cute shapes / making food look pretty contributea to the taste πŸ™‚
      Intrigued by the balsamic pearls, will look into that.

      Ps..I’m also in the

      • Ah I thought you might be and I wasn’t sure!

        The pearls are good fun, but definitely an exact science which I didn’t have exactly right – but aside from the agar agar, it’s easy enough to try at home. I agree wholeheartedly with the comment about adding in fun shapes and making a meal look good – we eat with our eyes first!

  1. Cuttteeee!! You must make an awesome mum πŸ˜€ Check out my recipes for some european inspiration ^^. I would love to be so talented when it comes to decorations!! XX MIENCUISINE

  2. Good timing! Well, sort of. I meant to write ages ago because I learned about a lighting trick for food photography. If you have a desk lamp, turn off the kitchen lights, even at night. They will make too much orange. Shine the desk lamp up first and then fiddle with different angles until you get the best lighting. Two lights may be better. Prop up a white cutting board or thick paper around or behind what you want to photograph to bounce light off of. If you try this, let me know how it goes! I was amazed how well this worked to create natural light. πŸ™‚

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