Carrot flowers

Carrot flower.jpg

Some readers have been asking me how I make the carrot flowers, so I made a small tutorial.

(I will add a link to this post onย a new (to be created) page which will have more tips on how to pack/decorate Dosirak/Bento)

Carrot flowers are very easy to make, and a great way to decorate your lunch.


  • You peel a – fairly thick- carrot and slice it in 5-6 mm slices.
  • Cook the slices for 1 min
  • I have a special flower cutter (bought mine at Japan Centre, but you can buy them at different shops, see also my page on where to buy Bento products), once the carrot has cooled down a bit, just cut the flowers
  • The petals are created / emphasized by cutting out small wedges with a knife
  • That’s all!

14 thoughts on “Carrot flowers

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    • I always found that wider boxes are easier for making character bento, but the carrot flowers can be tucked into small boxes as well.

      Have fun shopping…It’s difficult to resist all the cute bento stuff out there (I find), but you don’t always need an expensive box. I find that one of the boxes I use often is a very simple clip & close box which you can find in most supermarkets for a couple of ยฃยฃ’s…

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