Meat, rice and veg Dosirak

A very simple lunch, meat and two veg. Oh, and rice of course πŸ˜‰

Meat rice and veg dosirak

Actually, it has a lot more veg in it than just two, I do like to pack different flavours and rather have a little of each, than a lot of just 1 flavour.

The meat in this Dosirak is beef bulgogi, I had marinated this overnight and just needed to quickly fry it – together with some mini courgette- for a few minutes in the morning. The other veggies just needed a few minutes as well, so another quick and healthy lunch!


13 thoughts on “Meat, rice and veg Dosirak

  1. Your food is so beautiful and I’m enjoying seeing the photos each time. I’m partly in awe because I know I will never eat anything that pretty. How much time does it take to prepare and cut designs into your foods? I can’t even imagine! You are amazing. πŸ˜€

    • Thanks for your lovely comment.
      It very much depends on how much details I add to the lunch, obviously more details = more time. But it’s surprising actually how quick some are to make, especially if I use cutters etc. My aim for standard workday lunches is 20 minutes, but when I have more time I can spend up to an hour making one!

  2. This is absolutely beautiful. I pack lunches too. How did you do the flower shaped carrots? It’s one of the nicest home-made ‘bento’ boxes I’ve seen.

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