Tips for packing (pork) Bulgogi in a Dosirak

Bulgogi-dosirakSome time ago I prepared several portions of pork bulgogi to freeze (see this post) and I thought I would give some more tips about using bulgogi in a Dosirak.

(Dosirak is the Korean word for lunch box. I know I have some new followers (welcome 🙂 )so if you want, you can read my page about Dosirakbento which explains my lunchbox categories)

Bulgogi is Korean dish, usually thinly cut, marinated  & grilled beef, but there are also pork and chicken variations. I like using pork for my lunches as it’s a bit fatty and won’t dry out, but the fatty bit is also a bit of a problem, because you have to make sure you really drain the pork well before packing.

I usually pan fry the pork bulgogi for a few minutes, using a very good non stick pan, on medium to high heat. No fat is needed, the pork has enough fat, and keep an eye on it, as the marinade can burn easily. Once it’s ready, drain the bulgogi on some kitchen towel, but watch out, if you leave it too long on the kitchen paper it will stick! Because there is sugar in the bulgogi marinade, it sort of caramelizes, very nice…but very sticky 😛

One other thing I always do, is packing the bulgogi in a silicone cup/mold. Any remaining fat (and it’s likely that there will be some) will drip down into the mold, without fattening the other food you packed in your lunch. If you put your lunch in a fridge (it’s not necessary – I never do as I like to eat my lunch at room temperature -, unless you pack raw fish or when it’s a very hot day), you might also notice that the fat will solidify a bit in the bottom of the cup.

When I  have bulgogi for lunch, I like to pack some pickles to offset the fattiness of the pork, in this case Danmuji (pickled radish). Other sides in this dosirak are edamame, mini corn, broccoli and of course rice!


10 thoughts on “Tips for packing (pork) Bulgogi in a Dosirak

    • Thank you.
      I think you can use any sort of pickle or even no pickle at all. I just like to include the danmuji because of the fattiness of the pork (and because I like pickles). But it’s just up to your own preference what you pack together.

    • 🙂
      Am thinking of adding some more tips/mini tutorials on the blog but will need to find the time for it as it would require some step by step photos, something I tend to forget to do (or no time in the morning)

      • I so respect and understand. I am told/asked to share recipes. I don’t have nor use recipes. I look at what I have or have found at the Farmer’s Market n locally and create. I would like to learn your style and mix it with mine 🙂

      • I packed my first attempt tonight. I’m not sure. In regards to your response I have the same issue when playing in my room(kitchen) I just know what I have and create. I get flak for not having recipes to share…

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