Lunches made in large Bento boxes


Following on my previous posts, where I discuss some of the boxes in my (rather large) bento box collection (which you can see here, here and here), today’s post is showing two more boxes.

Both of these are very pretty, but a bit large for daily use. The red box on the left was a gift from friends who brought it back from Singapore! It  has a lovely decoration of a little girl in a kimono, playing with a ball (you can see her better in one of the bentos shown below).

The black box is the Bento & Co box (yes, you can guess where I bought it…) It is very practical in that it has a lot of elements, the bottom container has 9 small containers, and the top container has 3 compartments. There is also room for chopsticks in the inner lid. But it is really very large…

Well, you all know that I am a big eater (after all, I mention it often enough on my blog) but these boxes are even too big for me to use for a lunch, so you won’t have seen them very often.

But below you can see some examples when I did use them (the photo should link to the relevant blog post):

 Liebe Bento

bento liebster award heart strawberrries heart onigiri heart shapes

 Picnic bento

Picnic bento and sushi sandwich

  Wimbledon Bento

bento lunch Wimbledon theme nori cut out


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