Flower bento box review


Am still suffering from a cold and haven’t really packed a bento but just made some soup.

So instead I will show/discuss/review a few of my bento boxes, and show (link back to) some lunches I made in them.

The boxes in the photo above are what I call “my flower” bento boxes, because most of them seem to have a flower design on them. The exception is of course the round bunny bowl box, but somehow I always think of that one as a “flower box as well”. I don’t use this bunny bowl very often for lunch at work as it’s slightly too small, but I often use at home as a rice or miso soup bowl (you can use the lid as a bowl as well), they are the perfect size for that.

I also always think of these boxes as very typical Japanese bento boxes. Not sure why, but the style, decoration and “layout” of bottom container + top container with inner lid plus an outer lid, seems to be a style that you see often for Bento boxes. I guess it also helps that I bought these boxes at Japanese shops.

Some lunches I made in them (the photo should link to the relevant blog post)



 Animal Farm

Animal Farm.jpg

 Easter bunnies


Bunny bowl

bento with egg fried rice and bunny decoration in a bunny bowl

The bunny container and the red flower container were bought at Bento & Co, I just love this (online) shop, they have so much choice and the (online) staff is always very helpful if you have any questions. You also get a discount for future use if you buy a box, use it for a bento and send them a photo of it (which they often place on their website/facebook). You can imagine that I have done that a few times 🙂

The box with the pink lid in the back is the one that I bought recently at Japan Matsuri in London (I wrote about that here) and the smaller box on the right is one that I bought at the Japan Bookshop in London (around the corner of the Japan Centre). They have a small collection of bento boxes, chop sticks and table ware.

All these boxes came with bento bands to keep lid/containers together, and it is recommended to wash them by hand, especially because of the design on the lid. Some of the containers can be used in the microwave (without the inner lids) but I can’t always remember which ones, so I tend not to do this at all (I normally keep the instructions of each box, but I’m often too much in a hurry -or too lazy- to look it up, so better safe than sorry).

I now realise that I have another flower bento box which is not shown in this photo. It is however in another photo, about which I will write another blog post another time.  And this post shows my whole bento box collection


14 thoughts on “Flower bento box review

  1. Your bentos look amazing! :O Such great attention to detailーthe one thing that stops me when I try to make cute, stylish bento. My husband is happy to settle for “looks good, tastes good”, but I would like to do more decorated ones on occasion as well. I guess I’ll start small, one bit at a time.. ^^;
    The flower patterns are all very pretty, too ^^

    • Thanks for your kind comment! Although I agree with the “looks good, tasted good” comment, I think that adding “looks cute” helps a lot as well 🙂

      Not many cute bentos this week though, am still battling my cold – but cold seems to be winning- so not feeling like make detailed lunches for myself this week 😦

      • Aww, I hope you recover from your cold quickly! I had a really bad one last month and didn’t feel “right” for almost 3 weeks, erk. Hopefully yours will go over soon. Take care!

        (And I’m 100% with you about looking cute being an added bonus! 😉 )

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  4. ‘inner lid and outer lid’… i have just noticed them now. never really paid attention to what makes them japanese other than the decoration on the bento box.

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