Ochazuke again

Ochazuke green tea rice

Previously I turned Ochazuke into a Bento, and as I really enjoyed having this for lunch, I made a repeat version today.

I’m also still attempting to avoid getting a cold, so made my lunch extra healthy by adding lots of vegetables this time, broccoli, spring onion and carrot (flowers).

The broccoli and carrots were briefly blanched before packing, as the hot tea alone wouldn’t cook them. I do like crispy veggies, but there is a difference between crispy and raw! The veggies were packed together with the salmon and spring onion and stored on top of the rice in the larger container. See  my previous post on how I packed the Bento.

You will probably see a few more of these lunches as I love Ochazuke. It has also really turned into Autumn here in London,so I am craving hot food for my lunch.

9 thoughts on “Ochazuke again

    • If I could I would have 3 hot meals in a day: cooked breakfast the British way (also know as a fry up.. :-P), an Asian style lunch (rice with veggies and meat/fish) and another hot meal for dinner (anything from French to Asian).
      Plus of course lots of snacks in between….

    • I think Ochazuke is just great on these kind of days. Like you said, filling and healthy without being too heavy!
      Am keeping my tissues by hand as my cold is still threatening…

  1. I never even considered making ochazuke for bentoーingenious! Shall have to try it sometime. (Found your blog via JapanCanada Mix today ^^)

    • Thanks for your comment. Ochazuke is so easy to make into a bento, I just don’t know why I didn’t come up with the idea before 🙂
      Actually Hilary of JapanCanada Mix reminded me about Ochazuke, so all credit to her ^*^

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