Bibimbap in a box

bibimbap in a lunch boxKorean Bibimbap (mixed rice) is my favourite Korean comfort food. It is also a very economical dish as you can make it with your left over banchan (side dishes).  We don’t eat Korean food for dinner, so I usually make or buy banchan for making Bibimbap, but I suppose you could also make a more “Western version” with left overs from your usual dinner. I do wonder how that would taste…hmm…one to put on my “idea” list for future lunches.

Anyway, as said, I love Bibimbap, and especially when served in a dolsot, a very hot stone bowl – lightly coated in sesame oil- which will help cook the egg and crisp up the rice. A dolsot isn’t very practical to pack for lunch 😉 but it’s still a nice dish without the crispy crust.

My Bibimbap in a box lunch was made with a “ready made” bibimbap set, bought at the Korean supermarket, and has 5 different vegetable toppings: spinach, beansprouts, korean radish, courgette and carrot (all marinated). I added some marinated minced beef (from my freezer stock), a few quail eggs, gochujang (in the little pot) and of course rice (some of it is hidden under the carrots/courgette). There are also some Kongjaban (soybeans).

After taking the photo, I fried the flower egg a bit longer to make sure the yolk was cooked through (like I did with the egg star). Normally the egg would cook in the hot dolsot, but for my lunch I don’t want to run the risk of having a raw egg yolk….

At work I actually put all the ingredients (except for the Gochujan and Kongjaban) in a large bowl, which I heated up in the microwave for a few minutes, before mixing it up all again. Looked a bit messy, but tasted very good 😛


13 thoughts on “Bibimbap in a box

    • Thanks for your nomination, am very flattered but I have decided some time ago that I don’t accept Awards. I do appreciate the thought behind it and think it’s very kind of you that you feel my blog is worth an Award, but I don’t have the time to properly accept the award (by answering the questions) and pass it on in the spirit that these Awards are meant. Thank you for your understanding.

      P.S. I would love to see some more of your Dinner diner comics, I always find them very funny 🙂

  1. may not be the real stuff but i can tell it should be equally good, judging from the many toppings included that will be mixed together. i also notice the rice used is also the right type of rice. this would make a big difference. it just wont taste the same if one uses the wrong type of rice, such as long grain or wild rice.

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