Shrimp patty Dosirak

prawn patty bento dumpling filling

I made these shrimp patties from the left over filling of the Shrimp Mandu in an earlier blog post. They were so delicious, that I’m now actually considering not bothering with mandu wrappers at all!

The patties were pre-shaped, pre-fried and frozen (I used some baking paper to avoid them sticking together) and in the morning, I just put them in a non stick frying pan for a few minutes to defrost and reheat (food safety and such). I was afraid they might end up rubbery, but no, they were still juicy and bouncy and even a bit crispy.

Big success 🙂

The only change I made to the original filling recipe was adding another table spoon of corn flour. This helps to keep the filling together and it also adds an extra crispness when frying.

The blue container holds the same dipping sauce (soy sauce, apple vinegar and sugar) and I added some vegetables and fruit to complete my lunch.



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