What came first, the chicken or the egg?

Does anybody actually know the answer of this question? Or is it one of those questions that will never get answered because of it’s hidden, deeper meaning, and links with existentialism and the meaning of life and such 🙂

Anyway, it really doesn’t matter as in this bento case the chicken got eaten first…..

chicken and egg bento

This bento was very quick to make with rice, edamame beans, carrot flowers, danmuji flowers (pickled radish), hoisin chicken, cherry tomatoes and a hard boiled Hello Kitty shaped egg.

I assume you are all aware that Hello Kitty is actually not a cat but a girl? If not you can read more about it in this BBC article, but anyway, in this bento she is an egg and got eaten last 😛

Also, I am currently out & about for a few days with limited internet access. This post has been scheduled to be published whilst I’m away (the joys of WordPress…) ..but I will probably not able to respond to your comments / revisit blogs / read / like posts etc until next week. 





6 thoughts on “What came first, the chicken or the egg?

  1. I’d have to say I think te answer to the question is the egg came first at least from the evolution standpoint.
    The predecessor to the chicken would likely have been an egg laying bird of some kind, so when the ever so slightly first chicken was “born” it would have likely been in an egg and hatched out of it.

  2. my answer is… chicken. as for hello kitty, yeah, that’s such a turn off when i read it’s actually a girl. i mean, really? a girl? what girl would have whiskers and pointy ears?

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