Quick Dosirakbento

Quick dosirakbento

Wow, these colours look a bit psychedelic or sixties don’t they? 🙂

A very quick dosirakbento to pack, again relying on my freezer stash and also leftovers from dinner.

  • Left container: mixed peas and corn (leftover from dinner) with added carrot flowers, a tomato and some radishes.
  • Right container: rice and grilled salmon (leftover from dinner), some Gaeran mari (Korean omelet with seaweed, from freezer). There is a dot of wasabi in the corner and the little pot holds Salmon Furikake to sprinkle over the rice.
  • These containers are a bit deeper than other (similar) containers, so they are very good for packing food on top of a layer of rice.
  • Packing time 10 min 🙂

Also, I will be out & about for a few days with limited internet access. I have scheduled another post to be published later this week…but I will probably not able to respond to your comments / revisit blogs / read / like posts etc until next week. 


7 thoughts on “Quick Dosirakbento

  1. What kind of wasabi do you use? We’ve had trouble getting good but reasonably priced wasabi. Even the Made in Japan version from a major Japanese manufacturer is a weird green color and an unbalanced flavor. 😦 Have fun being out and about!

    • I have to admit I often use the ready mixed wasabi that comes in a tube….I know, but it’s just more convenient. I also use the wasabi powder to mix my own when I have time, can’t remember the brand though

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