Shrimp Mandu Dosirak

I have been wanting to make mandu for a very long time, but was always intimidated by making the mandu wrappers. But the other day I realised that of course, I can just buy the wrappers ready made, so here they are: Shrimp Mandu in my Dosirak!Prawn mandu dumplings

Mandu are Korean dumplings, but you might know them as Japanese gyoza or Chinese Jiaozi. They are different from wonton in that the skin is thicker and the shape more oblong. Mandu can be served in different ways, you can boil or steam them, but quite often they will be panfried.

Of course I forgot to make pictures while making them, but I used this recipe by Misty Yoon, and she has some great step by step pictures on her blog.

I prepared my Mandu in advance so they only needed heating up /frying a few minutes in the morning. The blue container holds the dressing: soy sauce with apple vinegar and a little bit of sugar.

To be honest, I ate some of the Mandu when they were freshly made and they were delicious. The ones in my lunch box were still very nice, but the dough had “toughened” up a little, which made it more chewy than it’s supposed to be. Maybe Mandu are just not very suitable for lunch?

My packet of mandu wrappers contained only 18 wrappers, leaving some filling. I shaped the leftover into little patties to freeze and use later.

15 thoughts on “Shrimp Mandu Dosirak

        • Of course. You can maybe first start with putting your favourite lunch food in a lunch box. Next step would be making it a bit more ‘bento’ by balancing the food (carb, protein, veg) and colours. And then perhaps making nice shapes or creative food.
          But in the end a bento is nothing more than food in a box! Mine can look very boring sometimes….(I just don’t post them..)

  1. I could eat mandu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You’re right, they do taste best straight out of the pan – they’re nice and crispy.

    • I use a metal vegetable cutter to cut out the flower shape, and the petals I “carve” sort of freehand.
      It’s actually very easy to do, but how to explain it??? Basically you take your carrot flower and a small knife. Between each round curve of the flower, you cut a small v shape incision towards the middle. Try it and hopefully it makes sense…:-)

  2. dumplings are always yummy. though i prefer them hot than cold. but i’m guessing seafood mandu tastes better than meat mandu when eaten at room temperature, especially with a vinaigrette-like dipping sauce.

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