Enjoy your well-being life!



I only now realised what the label on my Lock & Lock bento lunch bag says: Enjoy your well-being life!

Lock & Lock is a Korean brand, and I think they wanted to say something like: Enjoy your life, boost your well-being with packing your lunch, but I think the meaning got lost in translation πŸ™‚

Anyway, hope everyone is enjoying their well-being life!





15 thoughts on “Enjoy your well-being life!

  1. There is actually a 10-year collection of similar translation errors on a website called engrish.com. My favorite is in, I believe, a Beijing hotel, where a fire extinguisher has a sign above it in English saying “Hand Grenade.” Then there is the restaurant menu item “Chicken Rude and Unreasonable.” As well as many others.

  2. Well-Being is just direct translation from the Konglish (English words written in Korean), they use it on everything over here. Both in English and Korean. So their intentions are like you said, “Have a healthy life”

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