Bear DosirakBento!

Bear bento with egg sheet and bibimbap minced beefAnd this is the result of yesterday’s planning: a Bear DosirakBento!

I have received some recent comments/questions about how much time it takes to pack my lunch. In this case it took me 25 minutes, and the only reason why it took longer than normal (my aim is 20 min on an office day) is because when it was finished, it looked a little dull. So I spent 5 more minutes quickly slicing up some carrot, steaming in the micro and cutting out little flowers…I also remembered to take a photo during the process…

My routine for this one (but applies for most of my packed lunches):

Evening before (5-10  minutes)

  • Think about what kind of lunch I want to pack for the next day.
  • (Mentally) check what’s in the freezer/fridge.
  • If a “creative” bento, make a quick sketch to help remember.
  • Set out any tools if needed or take food out of freezer if needed.


  • 5 min: Defrost & reheat rice in micro. At same time defrost & reheat bibimbap minced beef in micro. Cut some broccoli florets, steam/cook in micro together with come mini corn;
  • 3 min: take egg sheet (I actually had one which I made on Wednesday and kept it in the fridge) and use bento box to cut out a square. (check that it fits). Cut out the bear with the cookie cutter;
  • 2 min: Arrange rice in bento container, add egg sheet on top;
  • 2 min: Use cookie cutter to arrange the bibimbap minced beef within the egg sheet;
  • 5 min: Cut out ear, eyes and face details from remaining egg sheet & arrange. Cool down before adding nori face details;
  • 3 min: Fill other bento container with cooked veggies, radishes and tomato. The brown thing is a coffee & walnut cupcake which I had baked (for the office) this week;
  • 5 min: Check how it looks…hmm nice but bit dull, so cut up some carrot in thin slices, quickly steam/cook in micro for 30 sec, cut out little flowers and arrange on egg sheet;
  • Take photo and ready!

Lunch time:

  • When I unpacked my dosirakbento, the face details had moved around a bit, but surprisingly the bibimbap minced beef was still in an bear shape. I packed my Totoro chopstick set as it comes with a spoon, and it’s easier to use a spoon with this lunch;
  • Upload photo, write draft blog post;
  • After lunch, depending on how busy it is in the office, read draft blog post again and finalise. Hit the publish button. (Although sometimes I schedule them for another date, for example when I don’t have time to finalise my draft text)
bear bento in progress

Bear Bento in progress


And my sketch of last night

planning how to make a bear bento



P.s. I ate the egg sheet cut offs as my breakfast 😛



15 thoughts on “Bear DosirakBento!

    • hi..trailing through some older comments, sorry for the late response.
      Yes, I love it to receive comments, and do try to answer in ways that are hopefully helpful to others who are interested in bento making, or just how I make them…The problem is that I almost always forget to make photo’s DURING my packing….too early in the morning…

      • Ha ha ha! I can only imagine. Or like last night when the battery died or we can’t find an empty memory card or it’s too much hassle to remove the camera from its bag. I’m full of excuses! 😀

    • I came up with the name DosirakBento because it combines Korean lunch box (Dosirak) and Japanese lunch box (Bento). I sometimes give my lunches a different “label” according to what is in them.

      Because this lunch has the Korean kimbap/bibimbap style minced beef, I felt it was more a DosirakBento than a Bento…

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