Girl gathering eggs Bento

Russian inspired bento box girl gathering quail eggsThis bento is called “Girl gathering eggs” because the lunch and box combination reminded me about a (farmers) girl gathering eggs in her basket….(ok, maybe it’s a bit far-fetched, but I couldn’t come up with another title for this blog post…)

I know that I’m not supposed to buy new bento boxes as I already have so many…but when I saw this Matryoshka doll bento box I just couldn’t resist. This bento box is inspired by traditional Russian Matryoshka nesting dolls. As most Japanese bento boxes, it’s quite small (there are two containers and each holds 270 ml) so I need to pack it quite tightly (I am greedy and do prefer larger lunch boxes).

One container has some onigiri (filled with salmon), broccoli and carrot flowers. The other has Kongjabang, cucumber, a few quail eggs and more broccoli/carrot.

The box (you can buy it here at Japan Centre) comes with inner lids, a gel pack (not shown), chopsticks in a matching case and a bento belt.

The good thing is that this bento set fits into  one of my Lock & Lock bento bags, so I can pack some extra food with it.  And purely by coincidence the colour and the dot pattern on the bento bag match with the pattern on the Matyoshka dress  🙂


Please note that I have not been paid or asked to review this bento box, the above is my personal opinion


32 thoughts on “Girl gathering eggs Bento

    • You can understand why I just couldn’t resist his box…some are just too cute…

      I do have to give myself some “rules” now, ie I’m only allowed to buy new boxes that are dishwasher proof, not a shape I already have…etc…(had to apply that rule after concluding I have about 25 (!!!) bento box (sets)….

      I have a little tool for the egg cutouts, but you can use a mini cutter or similar.

      • Does the tool punch and lift from the outside? I was curious because without that, you’d have to slice to the yolk, lift it out, punch and put it all back together??
        Love your rules! 😀

        • Those rules were put in place for “self protection”, but you know how it is with self imposed rules…they can be pretty flexible when needed…LOL

          It’s like a plastic cutter attached to a pick, so you just punch that into the boiled egg hoping you have punched it far enough/not too far and than pull it back. The cutter bit has then hopefully the white egg bit in it, which you can just push out with a toothpick or similar. Does this make sense?

  1. So cute! I’ve never done bento boxes before, but I love to look at what creative boxes others come up with. I like the idea of a bigger box, but I imagine that a smaller tightly packed box is better so that items do not shift around inside the box right?

    • I’m not sure why, but I have found that a lot of Japanese bento boxes are quite small. Maybe that is because they tend to eat smaller quantities than us Westerners, or maybe because of another reason. The Bento boxes that I’ve seen in use in restaurants though, seem to be larger, so not quite sure what determines the size.

      With all bento boxes the choice for size is depending on what you use it for (lunch, dinner, snack) , your appetite and what ingredients you use.

      Packing it tightly is important independent which size box, so it doesn’t shift around as you say. Especially if you are making a ‘creative lunch”, it’s nice to open your bento box at lunch time and it still looks pretty….

  2. What a beautiful box! And cute name. As much as I love Japanese food, I tend to stick to big comforting bowls of udon, miso soup, curry, that sort of thing. How do find the time to shape and make everything so perfectly?

    • Thanks for your comment.

      I have been making my lunches for quite some time now, and am pretty organised in the morning + have lots of handy tools. I think this bento took me about 25 minutes to make, can’t remember, but it’s a bit longer than I would like (I try to aim for 15-20).

      Some lunches do take longer though because of the details, so I usually only make these on days that I’m not going to the office.

    • Thanks for your comment, often I know what I want to pack into my lunch, but coming up with a (creative) title isn’t always so easy.

      The box was just too beautiful to resist 🙂

    • I’m flattered to hear that you feel inspired by my bento, thanks.
      My lunches don’t always look like this (sometimes I’m just to lazy to arrange my food pretty) but I’ve noticed that having a cute bento box helps a lot 🙂

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  5. Thanks for liking my blog. Though you found me, I got the opportunity to knowing and following your great blog. Looking forward to more creative and fun blogs

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