Avocado cheese sandwich (to be)

Avocado cheese sandwich to be

You might wonder, where is the sandwich?

Well, the title says to be…the bread is still missing, but this box contains all other the ingredients to make avocado sandwiches.

Apparently avocado on toast is very “trendy” right now, think they call it AVO toast or something like that. It made me smile when I read this as I have been eating avocado on bread/toast for years…Anyway, it gave me the idea for this lunch box.

It contains an avocado, sprinkled with some lemon juice to keep it from discouloring, babybel cheese (admittedly not the best cheese in the world – ha, understatement of the year – but practical for packing in a lunch), cress and some tomatoes on the side. The little containers (which I rediscovered when making photo’s of my bento accessories) contain (salted) butter and mustard.

I will buy some fresh sourdough bread on my way to work. There isΒ an artisan bakery on my route, and I always have to resist being lured into the shop by it’s delicious fresh bread smells (plus by their extremely decadent chocolate fudge cake, but at least I can’t smell that when walking by).

I love bread, I’ve been known to eat a whole loaf of freshly baked bread (topped with salted butter) in one go. Unfortunately, bread doesn’t really love me…get all bloated and stuff…so I try to eat it no more than once a week.

I wrote the draft of this post in the morning just after packing my lunchbox but now I can include a photo of the result: tadaa….

Avo sandwich


11 thoughts on “Avocado cheese sandwich (to be)

    • Thanks for your comment & sorry for the late response. I think avocado is like one of the superfoods isn’t it? So healthy and full of good stuff…plus of course extremely yummie πŸ˜›

  1. So cute! I’ve been eating avocado on toast for years too. I like to grate a little parmesan on top and plenty of pepper. So yummy. Another variation is to have it on a toasted bagel with cream cheese. It’s kind of amazing. The artisan bakery on your route sounds great. I often plan my groceries based on where I can shop on my walk to and from work. Nice to see others doing the same.

    • Thanks for your tips, will have to try the combination with bagel & cream cheese!

      Food shopping is so much fun, at least for me, I love it and alternate between supermarkets, food markets, farm shops and independent shops.

      Unfortunately there isn’t a food market on my current commute route (unless I make a detour) but shops like the artisan bakery make up for that πŸ˜›

  2. Mm, that looks delicious πŸ™‚ Avocado on bread is so good! Simple and good. Have you tried baked avocado in the oven with cashews, asparagus and blue cheese? Worth a try πŸ™‚

    • Thanks for your comment.

      I have only ever eaten avocado warm when it was in a soup (a creamed corn chicken soup btw), but the combination with blue cheese sounds very good. Will have to try that, thanks for the tip.

  3. i love avocado on bread. that’s the way i’d eat it. just plain good slice of bread (preferably sourdough), topped with ripen avocado slices, slightly mashed, and topped with sprinkles of coarse sea salt. YUM.

  4. Reblogged this on dosirakbento and commented:

    Sorry, I have been so busy lately that I haven’t packed any (blog worthy) lunches! So I thought to have a browse through my previous posts to see what I posted before around this date.

    Well, 2 years ago I packed this avocado sandwich to be lunch. Looking at it, I am actually thinking I might pop into the supermarket to see if I can find a ripe avocado as I suddenly fancy an avocado sandwich.
    Unfortunately, the artisan bakery were I used to buy my bread has recently closed 😦 It was a small business and apparently they had problems retaining their staff. A real shame as I like to support smaller, local businesses and their bread was fantastic.

    Maybe I should start making my own bread again. If only I could find the time! Have loads going on at the moment, including going on a course for the next couple of weeks…so not sure when I will blog a new lunch box again. Hopefully soon!

    Meanwhile, hope you’ll enjoy my old post πŸ™‚

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