Tea egg attempt and Lock & Lock Bento Set

tea egg bentoI always love reading about other people’s bento / lunch and often get inspiration from the photo’s posted. So when Feral Orchid’s Bento included some tea eggs, something that I have eaten but not made before, I asked her for her recipe which she kindly posted (and which you can read in the comments of this post).

EatMuchlove ย also posted a recipe in a recent postย but as I had seen Feral Orchid’s Bento recipe first, I used hers, plus it also seemed to be a bit easier :-).

This was another lunch box ingredient that I prepared last weekend and this was actually my lunch for Monday.

I liked making the tea eggs, but I think I was a bit too forceful with the “shell cracking bit” as one side of my egg had a rather large dark spot (I hid that side towards the bottom). It also didn’t really taste a lot of tea, but maybe I put too much five-spice powder in it. I will definitely make it again, because it looks so pretty and is more tasty than a plain boiled egg.

My dosirakbento had the tea egg, some salted salmon, cucumber, broccoli, carrot, salad leaves , Kongjaban (sweet & salty soybeans) and of course rice. The little green dot is some wasabi which I love to eat with salmon.

It was packed in two containers of my Lock & Lock Bento set. I love this set, it comes with 3 leak-, micro-, freezer- and dishwasher proof containers, a collapsible chopstick set and a lunch bag. I often freeze rice in one of the containers and depending on the ingredients I pack 2 or 3 containers for lunch.

This lunch had only 2 containers, so there was enough room in the bag for a packet of Korean seaweed snacks, some plums and a packet of the newly bought rice crackers. The “lid” holds the chopsticks and napkin, and it all zips up nicely ๐Ÿ™‚


Please note that I have not been paid or asked to write about this bento set, the above is my own opinion. But in case you’re interested in this set, you can buy it on Amazon, just look for Lock & Lock bento set. There are different sizes & colours, prizes around ยฃ16 – ยฃ23



16 thoughts on “Tea egg attempt and Lock & Lock Bento Set

    • You’re welcome. I am a big fan of these bento sets, although they look less “cute/kawai” than some other bento boxes, they really compensate their looks because they are so practical in use.

      Plus they do come with a cute lunchbag!

      I have several sets in different sizes.

    • The senbei was good & but very addictive.

      You sort of “justify” eating lots by saying to yourself, he, it’s rice and not a crisp, ie it’s “healthy” but I guess that saying doesn’t really work anymore if you eat like eh…5 packets in one day….

      Think I will really have to ration myself to put only 1 packet in my lunch bag ๐Ÿ˜›

      • Oh yes! Senbae is terribly high in calories; the sweet ones, even more so! But they are soooo tasty and crunchy. I especially love poopy sembae. ๐Ÿ˜€ I’m going to do a post about that at some point.

  1. very nice. mine is a rounded shaped bento. comes in a set of 3 containers. one is supposed to be used for soup, but i never bring soup in a bento to work. i always have one for rice, one for a meat dish, one for a veggie dish.

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