Couscous salad

couscous salad

A very simple but delicious salad!

After my previous post about “thoughts on blogging”  & all the lovely comments & likes received, I don’t feel guilty at all for showing you this lunch, which isn’t even in a lunchbox!

I actually forgot to make a picture of the same salad I took to work for lunch, this is a picture of the salad eaten at home 🙂

Somehow, I never manage to make this salad in a small quantity,  so I have been eaten this twice for lunch now and once for dinner…plus there is still a bit leftover…

Basically prepare some couscous by following the instructions that are on the pack. Most will tell you to add boiling water to couscous, let is stand for a few minutes and fluff it with a fork, but some require you to cook the couscous for a few minutes.

I always use the easy, almost instant version and instead of plain boiling water, I use vegetable stock with a table spoon or two of olive oil, some lemon juice and salt. If you add more liquid (in the form of olive oil /lemon juice) just make sure you add a little bit less water, otherwise you end up with very soggy couscous.

After fluffing and cooling down, I mixed in the other ingredients, in this case cucumber, tomato, spring onion, black olives and feta cheese.

 PS some readers might have noticed that I changed the design theme of my blog.This was mainly because the old theme had problems with categories and archives. I hope it works now but please let me know if not. 

Not that I can promise to solve it…(without changing design theme again)… I‘m learning/struggling to learn about the technical side of blogging on the go and welcome all advice! For example does anybody know how to get ALL my widgets together instead some of them on the side bar & others lurking somewhere deep down the page…they seem to be all over the place depending on what  device you read my blog on…????


14 thoughts on “Couscous salad

    • Food seems to trigger memories doesn’t it?

      Am actually thinking to write a post on this, but haven’t found the the right words yet as it’s a bit more personal story than my current blog subject…

      Anyway, hope you will enjoy eating couscous if you get around to making it 🙂

      • Your summary of how to prepare couscous will definitely help, especially the part about not too much liquid. I’ll be looking for it on the next grocery trip.

        As for writing a blog post about food and memories, why not pick one specific food that evokes the strongest, most inspiring memories, and write about that, making the memories just a sidebar?

        • It’s a bit more complicated…sorry, difficult to explain without telling more about the food memory. I actually have part of the post already written in my drafts, but keep changing words and phrases, plus am still not sure if I want to publish it as it’s more personal than just putting up a picture of “here is what I’m eating….”

          to be continued….as they say…

  1. to fix where your widget are go to:
    and on the right of the page you will see you widgets listed under heading that are Primary, secondary and footer widget area.
    (Not all layouts have both a primary and secondary widget area so you may only see one of these, and they can vary with where they are on the page depending on layout.) the ones languishing at the bottom of the page will currently be in the ‘footer’ one so you just drag and drop them from footer area to the widget area you want them in (You may need to click the footer area widget header to expand it)

    As for all over the place depending what you read your blog on, that’s probably becaus you have a dynamic theme, and that’s actually a good thing. It means that it will usually rearrange things below posts etc for ease of use on smaller devices.

    • Never even heard about dynamic themes! But happy it’s a good thing 🙂
      Thanks for your explanation, I will have a look at it later today. Thought I had “grouped” in the same widget area within the theme, but maybe I didn’t properly. I noticed that when I look at my blog on my laptop, the widgets are both on right hand side and at bottom of the page, but on my mobile it looks ok

  2. Please, don’t feel guilty.. and yummy yummy yummy. Sorry don’t know enough my self to help with the technicial, but if you figure it out I might ask you, lol! Have a nice day.

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