Fruit and freezer clean up

  I made 2 (!)  lunch boxes this morning, one with fruit to eat during the morning

colour ful fruit bento

grapefruit, cherries, raspberries and blueberries


one with savoury food for my lunch

dosirak bent with jeon pancake and tamago


The last one is a Dosirakbento filled with lots of Jeon (seafood and courgette) and Tamago. The little container holds dipping sauce for the jeon (soy sauce/apple vinegar/dash of mirin /dash of sesame oil).

I called it a freezer clean up because when rummaging through my frozen dosirakbento stash, I noticed this container of Jeon lurking in the back of the drawer….So, lot’s of jeon but no rice.

There aren’t a lot of veggies either, just some radishes and carrot flowers, but with all that fruit, I think I have enough vitamins to get me through the day!




One thought on “Fruit and freezer clean up

  1. i immediately thought of a favorite drink i had in japan, freshly squeezed grapefruit juice mixed in with soda. very refreshing.

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