Ladybird Bento

Is it Ladybird or Ladybug? Well, there are 4 in this picture!lady bird bento made from tomato and nori with a nori egg dice

 This is made using my new lunch box (see previous post)

The body of the ladybird (it’s ladybird in the UK, but ladybug in the USA)  is made from a tomato, with nori details.  I made the head from some rice with nori and added two food picks for the antenna. I also had some ladybird food picks and decoration that added some nice detail.

Ladybirds are identified by the number of spots, and I seem to have read somewhere that the spots are always symmetrically. This new variety :-), the Tomato Lady bird has 12!

I used the left over spots to create a dice from a hard boiled square egg (using my egg cube shaper). The rest of the bento contains some chicken, salad leaves, carrot and cucumber flowers.


15 thoughts on “Ladybird Bento

  1. The ladybird/bug is so cute! I love the bright colors and the die is creative. I wonder if this could be done with fish paste?? Before I read your post, I thought it might be kamaboko, although I don’t like the stuff. 😀 I think it might work with mochi, too.

    • Thanks! It was fun making this one.
      Most of my lunches are less creative (although I still try to arrange my food attractively in the bento box) but it is fun to make a themed one every now and then.
      I am not fond of mochi myself, but yet, it would probably work. Might be to bland though tastewise.

      • That’s impressive! Taking the time to make food look nice makes for a more enjoyable lunch.

        I like mochi best if it’s high quality, fresh and soft. Grilled mochi is really good, especially in the winter! Have you had chanko nabe where mochi is added at the very end of the meal? It’s so delicious. Back to your bento though, yes, I think it would need some kind of sauce.

  2. You have the best lunchboxes EVER. So colourful and cute. Beats my last minute tuna sandwich. Also I have that ladybird/ladybug debate with my boyfriend because he’s american and i’m british. He keeps telling me it’s a bug not a bird, and I’m like – No! That’s not the point! Makes me sad that the number of spots on a ladybird is not related to its age.

    • Thank you for your kind comment. It’s quite fun thinking up creative lunches but sometimes I too resort to a last minute tuna sandwich!
      English isn’t my first language and I do notice sometimes Americanism creeps in…try to avoid it though..

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