Salad & new lunch box (preview)

The last few days have been so hot & humid (between thunderstorms) that on some days I just made a very simple salad for lunch.

Eggs, cucumber, tomato, carrot and cress:


The picture doesn’t show it clearly, but I used the Sistema salad to go box (see also here),  but without the insert this time. The bowl is quite deep, so this was quite a large (if boring) salad.

I also want to show you a new lunch box that I found in Paperchase! I’m addicted to buying  lunch boxes and bento accessories my collection is growing!….

I tend to buy most of my Bento accessories online (Bento & Co is great, so is CasaBento and JapanCentre also has a selection) or at the Korean supermarket, but sometimes I find Bento stuff in other shops as well.

It seems that large stationery chains such as Paperchase are stocking more and more lunch boxes and related things, aside from the one I bought, they also had a 2-layered one, but I didn’t like the pattern on that one.

I chose the swallow snack box because it has a clip & close lid, which should make it leak proof (haven’t tested it yet) and also because it has a divider and came with cutlery on a little tray (the little tray insert rests on the ridge in the box (if that makes sense).

And of course because I liked the colour and decoration!

I will soon make a Bento using this lunchbox 😉

new lunchbox

Please note that I have not been asked nor paid to mention any of these companies


4 thoughts on “Salad & new lunch box (preview)

  1. I have a growing bento collection, too, and don’t seem to use any one of them enough. I just can’t stop buying such pretty boxes! I like how pink this box is!

    • There are so many pretty bento boxes 🙂
      I have noticed though that I tend to use the same boxes over and over again for my work lunches. Mainly because they are practical / leakproof / easy to transport.
      Should really tidy my bento cupboard and start using the pretty ones! Maybe I can make more eat at home bento -:)

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