Cherries in my Bento

Recently we went to the local Pick Your Own farm and picked 2.5 kg of cherries!

Most ended up being made into jam, but enough survived to be added to my Bento:

a colourful bento with cherries and yellow tomatoes

I just love cherries, could eats loads of them! Only wish that pitting them was easier…my kitchen needed a good scrub after my de-pitting-jam-session…

The Pick Your Own Farm also has a great farm shop, where I bought these pretty orange cherry tomatoes. Those, the cherries, radish and broccoli add such nice colours to my lunch.

They also counter act the beige colours of my chicken pieces (right hand container, with rice and salad) and boiled egg (left container). The boiled egg is actually a boiled-egg-in-soysauce. I saw this recipe on Momandsisters, and made it yesterday (but halved the recipe).  Before I put the boiled egg in the sauce, I shaped it in one of my egg shapers, but the details sort of lost it shape…In case you’re wondering…it’s supposed to be a fish….


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