Hello Kitty Egg!

Recently I found a Hello Kitty egg mould in a shop so of course, that had to be used for my Bento!

Bento with hello kitty egg

I used the mould to shape a hard boiled egg, and added some details with nori and radish. Next time I will try to use the mould to shape some rice, so that have different versions, but I was a bit time limited today. This bento also contains rice (obviously), carrot, mini corn, cucumber, radish and tomato. The other protein source is some salmon and some prawns.

The little lion bottle has some soy sauce.

I love egg moulds, they are a fun and easy way to add extra decoration to your lunch!




8 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Egg!

  1. I have a question……can you add fish that’s been thoroughly cooked into a bento? What would be the safety precautions for fish? I’ve looked online but most bento blogs only refer to sushi ><

    • I use a lot of cooked fish in my bento. I pack it in the morning and eat at lunchtime, don’t store it in the fridge in between and haven’t had any problems so far (knock wood). On a hot day, I do sometimes pack a coolpack with it. I tend to eat lunches with raw fish at home. You can find a lot of info info on bento & food safety on the blog Just Bento (link in my blog list or google).

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