Veggie Bento

This time I thought to make a vegetarian Bento

Bento lunch with vegetables vegetarian

I had again plenty of vegetables and I wanted to create a healthy lunch!

So, on a bed of rice, I have mini corn, edamame, runner beans, radish and carrot flowers. In the other compartment more veggies: cherry tomatoes, pickled radish, cucumber, more radish and in the container some Gochujang.

Actually, given that the pickled radish, gochujang and also the seasoned seaweed on the side are all Korean, this should be a Dosirak!

Anyway, I felt very good eating this, and it definitely contributed to my 5 (7) a day!


5 thoughts on “Veggie Bento

  1. Your bentos are too cute! I’ve always wanted to try my hand (because they are so healthy and appealing) but don’t know how to get started. These posts are a great help!

    • Thank you. I didn’t know much abouts bentos before I started but there is so much info available on internet
      Justbento is a great site with lots of practical information about bento making. Just start with filling a container with your favourite snacks/food and take it from there ๐Ÿ™‚

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