Wimbledon Bento!

There is a lot of sport ongoing at the moment and I have already made a football inspired Bento, but this time I thought I would try and tackle Wimbledon!

Fabricating some tennis players is a bit too challenging, but I wanted to try out a nori cutting technique I once found somewhere on the internet. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find the instructions at the moment, but basically it said to print a picture of what you want to cut & use that as a template. The template is laid on top of your norisheet & with a very sharp precision knife, you cut out all the details, starting from the middle.

I found a clear clipart picture of a tennis racket, so used that for my  Wimbledon Bento:

bento lunch Wimbledon theme nori cut out

I used my lovely red ball girl Bento box, I thought that was quite fitting although I am pretty sure that her dress wouldn’t fit the Wimbledon dress code for ball girls *-^…

The nori racket is lying on an egg sheet filled with rice, and the tennis ball is also made from egg sheet. I have included some quail egg people, they are the spectators! Some radishes and of course Wimbledon is not complete without strawberries. They (and some raspberries) are in a little heart shaped cupcake mould that I just received from a friend (thanks, as you can see they are in good use).

I am happy that I didn’t choose a too complicated picture for my nori cutting as it was quite time consuming. But fun to make 🙂


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