Salad Blunch




Some days I’m just not inspired, don’t have that many ingredients in the fridge/freezer or just don’t have enough time to make a creative lunch. My aim is to spent not more than 15 minutes on a “standard” lunch & not more than 30 minutes on a “creative” lunch, but sometimes I do need more than that! (For example, the Octonauts took me over an hour!!)

Anyway, this lunch is very simple, just some salad and boiled eggs. The salad consists of salad leaves, cucumber, some pickled radish and carrot. The top layer holds some cherry tomatoes, a Korean style dressing (soy sauce, apple vinegar, sesame oil and sesame seeds) and a few boiled eggs. I actually messed up on the eggs as I didn’t boil them long enough (they are quite large), so when I cut them in halves they were still too soft…I had to microwave them for another minute…creating this messy look…

For this Salad Blunch I used the Sistema Salad to go box. It comes with a deeper bowl for the salad and an divided insert for toppings. There is also a small container to hold sauce/dressing. Freezer  & microwave safe etc but I am not sure how leak proof it is (the dressing pot has a screw on lid, and there is a rubber seal around the top lid, but I have not really tested it properly).

There is also some cutlery included, but it’s clipped under the compartment! I didn’t really like this as it meant that it got in contact with the salad, ie it got wet. I think I will take the cutlery separate instead, but aside from this minor flaw it’s a nice box and not that expensive (about £6) .

Please note I have not been asked/paid to review this box, the above is my personal opinion. 


3 thoughts on “Salad Blunch

  1. I have this salad box too and have been using it a lot! I take off the cutlery and use my separate set instead because it does get wet and slick against the salad. Plus they are really small! I feel like a giant when I use the little knife and fork. 🙂

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