Football Bento!

I don’t watch the World  Cup, but I thought it was a good idea for my Bento…


bento football world cup


This is supposed to be a foot ball…I know, I think I might need to actually watch a game to see how a proper foot ball looks like…am sure that the black dots are not supposed to be this irregular….but well, if you squeeze your eyes a bit, you might think it looks like one..^-^..

The football field is made of a layer of rice, topped by some chopped edamame to represent green grass. The “football” is made of an egg with nori details. Some chicken en melon stars on the side. (There were some more veggies but they didn’t fit in the box, so I didn’t include them in the picture.

Enjoy the World Cup!


7 thoughts on “Football Bento!

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