Egg face sandwich blunch

I have been playing with my new egg cube shaper: It’s a press that shapes hard boiled eggs into a square:


egg cube

It works as all other egg shapers, hard boil the egg, peel whilst still warm, put in the shape and cool down (preferable in fridge or in a bowl of cold water). In this case you need to place the egg in the shape and then carefully screw down the top so that the egg gets pressed into a square.

Unfortunately, it turned out that the egg yolk wasn’t really in the middle of my egg, but when I cut it in slices, I thought it actually looked like a sort of grumpy face….

So I made egg face sandwiches!

square egg egg face sandwich

Some brown bread and cheese slices cut with a flower shaped biscuit cutter. The egg square on top of that, and the eyes are made with cucumber. Some more cucumber and cherry tomatoes on the side.

You can’t see it clearly, but the other egg is shaped with my fish egg shaper. This lunch is rather small, so I packed another sandwich plus the cutoff of the bread/cheese/egg separately to eat as well…



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