Healthy dosirakbento

dosirak bento onigiri eomuk bokkeum

 This Dosirakbento is just bursting with veggies!

We just got our vegetable box delivered, so the fridge is bursting with vegetables! I included lots of  them in this Dosirakbento, even if it’s just a small portion, because I like the variety! There are snow peas, edamame, carrot flowers, a green asparagus spear, half of a cherry tomato, pickled radish slices, several banchan (cucumber, carrot and beansprouts) and of course the almost always present broccoli.

I decorated the 2 onigiri with some little face details, so simple, but it makes it look quite cute. The onigiri are filled with spicy salmon (cooked salmon mixed with some wasabi). Also included is some Korean spicy stir fried fish cakes, this is called Eomuk Bokkeum. I bought mine ready made, but you can find a recipe at Maangchi.




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