A Dosirak with balls

Meatballs! ๐Ÿ™‚


Whenever I make dinner, I try to set some food aside for packing for lunches. Of course, not everything is suitable, but with meatballs it’s very easy to make a few extra ones & pop them in the freezer for later use.

The meatballs are standard seasoning, just some chopped onion and herbs, but for the Dosirak I added some Gochujang in the small container. I love Gochujang, it’s great to use as a dip and really spices things up!

Because I liked to round shapesof the meatballs, I tried to include other round food or arranged it in round shapes. Next to the meatballs are some noodles, just very lightly dressed in sesame oil/soy sauce. I used a fork to “roll up” the noodles in little nests with a pickled radish flower on top.

The other container holds cherry tomatoes, 2 round chocolates, the round container with Gochujang and a packed rice cracker. There was also someย mixed salad hidden underneath the meatballs.





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