Another Bento

Bento with strawberries and carrot and nori flowers


Some times I don’t have a nice title for my Bento, especially when there isn’t a special theme.

I guess you could call this a nori cut-out experiment as I tried to experiment a bit with some cutters I have to create a “nori lace decoration” on my onirigi roll. It didn’t really turn out as I had hoped it would though, I think that the rice was too wet which made it tricky to arrange the nori smoothly.

I have quite a lot of nori cutters/punchers, but quite often forget to use them. Will have to remember in future!

This Bento has some onigiri (rolled in nori), and I used the nori cut outs to decorate some extra rice. I also made radish and carrot flowers. As you can see, I added some extra detail to the carrot flower which makes it more 3-dimensional.

Some cauliflower, crabsticks and strawberries were  also added. Hmm, I also need to remember to arrange the colours better…I think it would have looked a bit nicer if I had swapped the crabsticks with the carrot/radish flowers…

Oh well, it still looked nice and it tasted good ;-)!



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