A Korean meal is never complete without Banchan. Banchan are small side dishes, which are served alongside the main dish, soup and rice, and are shared together. Normally a minimum of 3 banchan are served, but at elaborate meals this can be much more.

The most commonly known Banchan is Kimchi, a fermented, spicy vegetable dish, mostly made with cabbage but there are also lots of other varieties with for example cucumber or radish.

There are a lot of different Banchan recipes available on the internet, some good ones can be found on Maangchi

Another well known Korean dish is Bulgogi, marinated meat which is sliced very thinly and grilled.

My Dosirak today consists of beef Bulgogi and several Banchan:

Dosirak Bento Korean Banchan Bulgogi


Clockwise from left above: cucumber & pickled radish slices, cherry tomatoes with pickled radish, beef Bulgogi with some cucumber star decoration, beansprouts banchan, spicy cucumbers banchan and  some rice flowers on carrot banchan  salad.

I made the carrot banchan myself, it’s very simple, just julienned carrot which is shortly fried with some sesame oil. The other two banchan are bought at the Korean supermarket.




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