Yesterday, I read an interview with Angeline Jolie, mainly about the movie Malecifent which will show in UK cinemas  soon.

Although I haven’t yet planned to watch the movie, the article showed some of the promotional pictures, and I thought that she would make a very good character Bento with all the white and black colours!

So today I made an attempt, although I have to admit, it’s not great….:-( …

Malecifent made from onigiri

I think I got the head dress about right, but I was really struggling with cutting out the nori details for the eyes. I just don’t have the patience for this kind of detailed work.  I also didn’t have any red food at home, so used carrot instead for the mouth.

I tried to shape the rice so that it would show the exaggerated cheekbones, but not quite sure if it’s really clear that this is how the shape of the head is supposed to be…. Oh, well, as long as you squeeze your eyes half shut and look at it from a distance…it’s sort of recognizable… *-^…

Not sure what Angelina Jolie thinks of this attempt to portrait her using rice though….

Malecifent made from onigiri Angelina Jolie




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