Afternoon Tea!

Afternoon tea bento sandwiches scones strawberry jam

Strictly this isn’t a Bento of course, but I did eat this for lunch, so I guess that would make it a Blunch!

We don’t have these pretty teacups at work though…I just used it when making the picture (filled with my morning tea) as I thought it would look nicer :-)…

It is said that Afternoon Tea came about because the 7th Duchess of Bedford had “a sinking feeling” in the long gap between lunch and dinner, so asked for some tea with a light snack. Whether true or not, I just love Afternoon Tea!

I tend to eat it more outside (at tea shops) than at home because a proper Afternoon Tea has quite a lot of different elements, not only tea and scones (which would be called a Cream Tea) but also sandwiches and various cakes.

My Afternoon Tea blunch has only 2 different sandwiches, some brown ones with cheese and cress, and white ones with cucumber. Of course the sandwiches need to be without crusts! Sometimes they are cut in little triangles, but I like them in small “fingers” and actually used a cookie cutter for the white flower ones…

There are also some mini scones, with a small tub of (home made) strawberry jam (the lid is hidden underneath). No cream though, as that wouldn’t keep well outside of the fridge.  And some mini lemon cup cakes and fresh strawberries to complete it.

It was very nice!






2 thoughts on “Afternoon Tea!

  1. What a wonderful idea for a lunch – I LOVE afternoon tea, it feels like such an indulgent treat! I may have to make Small Child an ‘afternoon tea’ lunch at some point.
    Thank you for linking up at Fun Food Friday!

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